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Mission Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara limo services sure have a blast. We get to cruise up and down the American Riviera, PCH, Solvang and Montecito on a daily basis. Having served the county for over 20 years, our limousine services know the ins and out of the area. We have also come to know some pretty exciting facts and spots throughout the city. Hang on as we present some hidden facts you probably did not know of.

1. Scarface House

Few customers renting limos in Santa Barbara know that the actual house of Tony Montana in the best-selling film Scarface is located in Montecito. Popular on cinematic limousine tours, the city has been featured in various big movies. In one film, Batman throws a bomb off of Stearns Wharf, while Barbara Jane’s (Meryl Streep) home in Its Complicated (2009) can also be seen in town. The movie Sideways (2004) was mostly filmed in the Santa Ynez Valley, located a short drive from the city itself.

2. Romance at Sea

Numerous companies offer romantic cruise tours from the city. Santa Barbara limos have for instance been utilized for couples going on sunset dining cruises, party boats, concert yachts and similar.

3. Wine Country

Santa Ynez’ vineyards are amongst the most gorgeous in California. Renting a hot air balloon for a date here can be an ideal adventure. Why not try wine-sipping onboard a balloon flying over acres upon acres of rolling green hills?

4. Island Paradise

Just across the channel from the city is where we find Channel Islands National Park, a true treasure of the sea. Visited by planes from Camarillo Airport and by boats, this hidden gem is home of numerous species found nowhere else on Earth. Limousines take clients here for experiencing the great outdoors, camping, hiking or photographing.

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Limousine at Stearns Wharf

4 Secrets To Santa Barbara! | Hidden LA

Best Santa Barbara Camping! | Limo and Party Bus Services

Camping trip with limo in Santa Barbara CountyHaving been providing Santa Barbara limos and party buses for over twenty years, we’ve also transported numerous campers to campgrounds around the county. We are a best rated limo service also offering unique wine-tasting tours to vineyards throughout Santa Barbara County and Southern California. Why not style up your camping trip by adding limousine services? These are our best picks for “Top Campgrounds in Santa Barbara County”!

Beach Camping

Limousine on Stearns Wharf in Santa BarbaraVarious beaches in and around Santa Barbara offer overnight tent camping. We’ve had clients booking limousines for campouts at Carpinteria-, El Capitan-, Refugio- and Gaviota State Beaches. These beaches are visited by limos and party buses for a variety of different reasons, some come here for surfing, while others come here to do wedding photography. Carpinteria State Beach might be the most scenic and offers over 240 campgrounds, many of them by the sea. There are also tours available here of the nearby Salt Marsh, a Carpinteria landmark. Gaviota is a sandy cove sheltered by Point Conception, 30 miles west of town, and is famous for its hiking trails. El Captain and Refugio are relatively close to one-another, but our choice would be El Captain, which sits further away from the highway and offers nearly 140 campsites. Beach camping can also be done at Jalama Beach County Park, one of our limousine clients’ favorites. Here you can enjoy pristine coastal areas and wide camping sites. This beach rarely gets daily visitors, so campers mostly get the beach and campground to themselves.

Mountain- & Forest Camping

Aliso Park Campground, New Cuyama, CA
Aliso Park Campground

Inland Santa Barbara isn’t just home to acres and acres of wine country, but also prime camping grounds, beautiful forests and surrounding mountains. If you are looking for remoteness, check out Cuyama Valley, maybe the county’s most underrated and secluded region. Here you can camp at Aliso Park Campground in New Cuyama, CA, nestled in an oak forest just below the mountains. There’s also a beautiful year-round creek nearby, abundant wildlife and numerous hiking trails. Closer to town, you can get a limousine rental to one of the many campgrounds along Santa Ynez River. Fremont, Sage Hill, Paradise and Los Prietos are few miles apart, and best of all, just a 30-minute drive from town! The Santa Ynez wine country is also home Upper Oso Campground, yet another camp ideal for fishing, hiking and lake swimming. For a campground separated from others and with beautiful nearby creeks and hiking trails, see Sage Hill Campground. We’ve had limousine rentals stop by here at numerous occasions, oftentimes prior or after a wine tour of Santa Ynez.

Lake- & Island Camping

forested-road-santa-ynez-riverAlternatively, why not venture out to Channel Islands National Park for an overnight island camp? Several of California Channel Islands offers secluded camping, including Santa Rosa-, Santa Cruz- and San Miguel Islands. While Island Packers offers one day-trip to San Miguel Island in 2017, there are several overnight tours here in 2017. So why not get a limo to the harbor and cross the channel for an island camping trip?

Why not combine your day in wine country with a campout? Another popular place for camping is by Cachuma Lake, not far from where we do wine tours in the Santa Ynez Valley. Cachuma Lake Recreation Area offers the county’s best lake camping with numerous sites along the lakeside. Two popular nearby camps are Live Oak- and Circle V Ranch Campgrounds by the Santa Ynez River. Alternatively, check out Mono Campground in the wetlands surrounding Gibraltar Reservoir. This camp may not be by a lake, but sits along Mono Creek wetlands in the Los Padres National Forest.

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Aliso CampgroundSo what’s the county’s best camping spots? Well, that all depends on who you ask. For beaching, head south to Carpinteria State Beach or venture north to Jalama Beach County Park. Prefer isolated forest camping? Visit the secluded Aliso Park Campground with spacious sites and a beautiful setting. Rather into lake camping? Your best choice would probably be Cachuma Lake Recreation Area.

For whatever reason you’re searching for a limousine in Santa Barbara, let a limo rental from us get you there in style and safety. Besides the traditional stretch limo transportations, we also specialize in local wine tours, city tours, airport transfers and party bus rentals. A limo service can be used for so much! Whether for a wedding or big day celebration, or just for a romantic side-trip to the campgrounds.

Best Santa Barbara Camping! | Limo and Party Bus Services

Top Movies Filmed In Santa Barbara !


With its iconic look and unbeatable climate, Santa Barbara is a top choice for movie productions. All the filming locations here make cinematic tours by either a party bus or limo service popular here. With so many famous scenes appearing in movies, TV-series, music videos and more, we often get questions about filming locations for various movies. Besides our exclusive Santa Ynez wine tasting tours to all wineries visited in the movie Sideways (2004), we often get questions of what movies have been filmed in the various places of Santa Barbara County. On a Santa Ynez wine tour you can experience a bunch of more film locales as well. From Stearn’s Wharf, the Mission, State Street, – to acres of wine country, – the American Riviera is an exceptional place for film productions and our gorgeous city is featured in countless films and TV-shows.

Did you for example know that scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean III: The World’s End (2007) was partially filmed at the beaches of Santa Maria? Or that both Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) as well as Friday the 13th Part III (1982) have scenes filmed in Santa Barbara? Many also don’t know that the actual location for Tony Montana’s (Al Pacino) home in the hit movie Scarface (1983) actually is located here in Santa Barbara! Let us present to you some of our favorite films and TV productions made right here on the American Riviera.

Meryl Streep in front of the Santa Barbara Courthouse

As most of the city burned down in the early 20th century, it laid the foundation for a brand new city. With architecture mostly based on its old Mission from 1780’s, Santa Barbara became the ultimate and maybe most iconic Californian city. As a local limo service for more than seventeen years, our Santa Barbara limousine hub can testify that it remains so still today. It didn’t take long from Hollywood to discover the natural beauty and quaintness. Movie productions began here already in the early 1900’s, and by 1920, already more than five movies had been made in the city, including titles such as Perils of Pauline (1914), Diamonds from the Sky (1915) and Rivers End (1919). In other words, long before the time of a limo service such as ours, which has served Santa Barbara since 1999. Have you ever been on a local whale safari or tour to the Channel Islands (National Park)? Santa Barbara limo services customers have numerous times mentioned how these beautiful islands, just off the Santa Barbara coast, are featured in the movies. One example could be San Nicolas Island, where Colonel Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger) flies to save his daughter in Commando (1985). We have had a dozen clients ask us about where the Scarface final shooting scene took place, even people utilizing LAX airport transfers to visit the home of Tony Montana. For while the film is based in Miami, Florida, the actual location of Tony Montana’s mansion is at 631 Para Grande Lane in neighboring Montecito! Getting a Santa Barbara limousine to visit Montecito might not be the most popular, but tourists using LAX services have come here to check out Montana’s estate.

A limousine service seen at Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara, CA
Batman tries to get a bomb of off Stearn’s Wharf in Batman The Movie

With various scenes filmed in the area, chances are you may recognize a place or two from the Friday the 13th trilogy. For while the kids in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter head to “Crystal Point” for a swim, the actual location of the lake (Zaca Lake) is situated in the San Rafael Mountains, a beloved destination for our exclusive Santa Ynez wine tours! Local limousine and party bus rental clientele have also noticed a striking resemblance between the coast of Libya depicted in the film G.I. Jane (1997) and its actual location, namely Guadalupe Beach. Furthermore, our local limousine service have appeared in numerous local TV-productions, including The Bachelor (in 2007), Keeping Up With the Kardashians (2009) as well as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2010). Would it not be cool to ride in a Santa Barbara limousine featured on TV? From The Amazing Race (2011), Top Gear (2012) and X Factor (2011), countless TV-series have been produced here. Another example could be the La Purisima Mission in Lompoc, featured in for example Ghost Adventures (2009) on Travel Channel, where many go for limos for rent to explore its haunted history. There are also supposedly haunted sites where we have taken wine-tasters on a Santa Ynez wine tour.

Limousine services by Mission Santa BarbaraMore interested in films that are actually based in Santa Barbara? For while many may have scenes made here, not all are actually based on storylines out of S.B. However, some of the movies taking place here include Cutter’s Way (1981), It’s Complicated (2009), The Graduate (1967), Demolition Man (1993), amongst others. Chances are you may have recognized various locations from It’s Complicated, for instance scenes shot by the Courthouse or elsewhere in the city. Also featured in this movie is the scenic wine country of inland-Santa Barbara County. This is also where the film Sideways (2004) is both based and filmed, and Santa Ynez wine tours to the movies’ many wineries are popular getaways. Having had a great impact on the blooming wine industry of the valley, wine tasting tours to the region are more popular than ever after this film. And from the Foxen Winery, Fess Parker Winery and Kalyra Winery, we are happy to service all wineries featured in this masterpiece. Not been on a wine tasting tour vacation yet? Seeing this movie is guaranteed to make anyone want to make an escape to our stunningly aesthetic vineyards. Ordering Santa Barbara limousine services to Santa Ynez Valley are more popular than ever. Other movies made in Los Olivos and the surrounding Santa Ynez Valley include Flying Lessons (2010) and Of Mice and Men (1992). All these movies, as well as It’s Complicated (2009), will showcase the valley’s beauty with its rugged, green rolling hills and picturesque wine country. Book your Santa Ynez wine tour today! Bring 20 friends or family members along by renting a party bus! What could be more fun?

wineries-featured-in-sideways-in-the-santa-ynez-valley-stops-for-wine-tours-2017So what are the favorite film locations of our Santa Barbara limo services? Besides wine touring the trail of Miles and Jack in Sideways, many like to see where Emma goes to her sister’s wedding in the film No Strings Attached (2011). While the resort depicted in the film is the Four Seasons Resort the Biltmore, the indoor scenes of the resort were filmed at the Bel Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades. Of course the Montecito mansions featured in Scarface and Bedazzled (2000) also are trending movie destinations. The Gainey Ranch, featured in Of Mice and Men (1992), as well as various locations from Batman the Movie (1966) are well worth a visit. In fact, our limousine service have several times been parked at the approximate location of the Batmobile, right outside Moby Dick Restaurant on Stearn’s Wharf! Want to walk in the footsteps of Meryl Streep instead? The Santa Barbara County Courthouse may not always have an outdoor market in front, but you will definitely recognize its iconic red-tiled roof and architecture in the movie It’s Complicated (2009). A recent trend for tourists have been to order a cinematic tour to the courthouse, often by a Santa Barbara limousine, sedan town car, SUV or with party bus. Film locations in a variety of movies can also be seen on a Santa Ynez wine tour.


Reserving limos for rent in order to visit the famous movie locations are more sought-after than ever. And whether you’d like to see locations from Lassie Come Home (1943), No Strings Attached (2011) or Adaption (2002), our limo and party bus rental services can take you there! Having had the honor of offering Santa Barbara limousine services for nearly 20 years, we know all the film locations tourists love to see!

Elsewhere Santa Barbara County

limo-service-santa-barbaraBesides Tony Montana’s house, there’s a lot more film locales in Montecito. The 2016 film 20th Century Women is filmed entirely in Santa Barbara and Montecito. Also featuring scenes from Montecito are movies such as Summer of 42 (1971), The Pet (2006), Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood (1976) and many more. While Lompoc can be seen in The Greed of Men (2013), Lompoc’s Vandenberg Air Force Base can be seen in movies such as the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever (1971), in the part when a satellite gets launched, and in the 1970 film Moonraker. A designed Santa Barbara County historical landmark in Carpinteria has been featured in numerous motion picture, namely the Casa Blanca Pool House at 851 Sand Point Road. This house can for example be seen in a 1973 episode of Columbo (1971-2003) and a 1984 episode of Dynasty (1981-1989). The water-polo match in the 1932 film What Price Hollywood? was also filmed in Carpinteria, at 3300 Via Real. The Best Western on 4558 Carpinteria Ave. can be seen in My Favorite Martian, a 1999 comedy. A number of movies have also been filmed throughout Santa Ynez Valley, often stopped by on a Santa Ynez wine tour.

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Our limo service has served Santa Barbara County now for over seventeen years. Besides the award-winning wine tour selections, we also offer Southern California’s largest fleet when it comes to everything from a party bus selection or limousine vehicles. Book the best rated Santa Barbara limousine today! Call us at (866) 319-LIMO for a free quote to any/from any Southern California location.

Limo service at Granada in Santa Barbara

Top Movies Filmed In Santa Barbara !

Discovering the American Rivera and Its Winecountry

Santa-Ynez-wine-tour-by-Santa-Barbara-limo-service-2016Tucked in between the Santa Ynez-Mountains and a curved bay lies one of the most beautiful destinations in Southern California, nicknamed the American Rivera for its idyllic climate and gorgeous beaches. It is no wonder the Spanish missionary settlers named this land la tierra adorada, or “the beloved land”. Despite not getting its Mediterranean Spanish look before the 19th century and even more so after the 1920’s, the Spanish history in this town was remarkable. The Spanish- and Mexican settlers were the only ones to live in this region for decades, which has left its solid historical markers on the city. As a recent client at our Santa Barbara limo service told us: “the American Ribera truly is SoCal’s Spanish gem. From its Spanish atmosphere, to the adobe architecture, and the great Hispanic cuisine.” Despite suffering a loss in the 1860’s through the early 20th century, the old Spanish-Mediterranean architecture and areas of historical significance are now not only protected, but a large number of the historic adobes have been preserved and some resurrected to its original look. Sightseeing the city is as simple as it is rewarding; since its roads are pretty much made for walking, visitors love strolling up and down the streets gently rising from the beaches and leading up to the mission. We not only serve the local area, but the entire county, for instance offering the top rated Montecito limousine alternative on the market. We’d be happy to give you an exclusive experience of the city!


We also offer Summerland-, Carpinteria, and Montecito limousine services

When visiting the American Rivera, make sure to make a quick stop by the Visitor’s Center first to check out their information on upcoming events, current touring packages offered, cultural excursions, and more. Clients utilizing our limos, sedans, and party bus services often tell us about the city’s wonderful rounded archways, palm lined boulevards, and Spanish housing with adobe walls and red tile roofing. As a matter of fact, a popular touring option for the local Visitor’s Center is the Red-Tile Tour. This particular tour begins at the County Courthouse at Anacapa Street, which is an architectural wonder itself with its beamed ceilings, palacio tiled flooring, and arched corridor. This trip also makes a stop at the Hill Carrillo Adobe on Carrillo Street, which is a historic 1826 vintage house. Other favorites amongst our Santa Barbara limo service clients include El Paseo, Casa de la Guerra, Casa de Covarrubias, Historic Freemont Adobe, El Presidio, the Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, the Mission, Stearns Wharf, and the Zoological Gardens. The Trolley is popular for many exploring the city by foot, and takes riders along the waterfront, through Downtown up State Street, and beyond to the Mission.


Tasting trips to the S.B. vineyards are tremendously popular amongst our clientele

Another increasingly popular trend is Santa Ynez wine tour options to the neighboring valley across the Santa Ynez-Mountains. Started in the mid 1990’s and through the early 2000’s, many wineries and tasting-rooms popped up throughout this region, which has become a tremendously popular destination for wine-enthusiasts and others. Even the best experts on the field no longer question the fact that these particular wineries rival those of Sonoma- and Napa Valleys of Northern California. The quantity of wines, wineries, vineyards and visitors are increasing by each vintage, but the number of visitors here are still small enough to give that personal touch, often accompanied with servers and experts that can give details on the varieties our clients are tasting, harvesting methods, food comparing, etcetera. In this region we serve the small towns of Santa Ynez, Ballard, Los Olivos, Los Alamos, and all areas in between. All on a regular basis, providing more Santa Ynez wine tour trips than any of our competitors. While many fall in love with the one-block town of Ballard, others love Santa Ynez’s historic church dating back to 1897. Los Olivos is home to the Mattei’s Tavern, which is a former stagecoach inn dating to 1886. This vineyard region will not let you down, with all its prime wineries scattered around on picturesque backroads and nestled in smaller canyons. Why not get together some friends, rent a party bus, and head on out to explore the wines and vineyards by a luxurious country ride through the stunning natural surroundings? Call us today to speak with one of our reservation and tasting experts who can help you pick what wineries and tasting-venues to experience on your trip to the vineyards.

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Discovering the American Rivera and Its Winecountry

Santa Barbara Experience For Life

The following text is a copy of a customer blog post, a recent wine-touring review, sent to us from Carolyn in New York.
Some of the vineyard regions in the county.

Dear transportation company that helped us experiencing the vacation of a lifetime last week. We – me and my hubby, – went on a four-day last minute trip to Santa Barbara, California. We travel here a lot for the great beaching, shopping on State Street, and just living the easy life for a few days with the gorgeous Mediterranean feel of the American Riviera. Last time we were bringing the kids, which of course meant a few visits to the local zoo among other kid friendly activities. On this particular trip, my husband and I decided to go on a date trip without friends or kids for once. The freezing New York weather helped us greatly in picking location; it had to be either Key West or Southern California. After researching one night on the computer, my husband turned over to me with a smile: “You know babe, our wedding anniversary is coming up pretty soon, let’s plan on a trip to SoCal!”, he said. “Why SoCal? We could go to Miami and find something cool there?’, I replied. He then showed me something he had been researching apparently since the last time we traveled to SoCal: “Santa Ynez wine tour selections”! Right there and then, we both agreed to celebrating our wedding anniversary exploring the wineries and tasting-venues in the area.

Arriving in the American Riviera


reserve-santa-barbara-wine-tours-santa-barbara-wine-tasting-or-santa-barbara-party-bus-limousine-speciality-vehiclesWhile at the hotel in S.B., we started asking and researching what Santa Ynez wine tour we should go for. There were so many options to choose from!! After consulting with the hotel receptionist and actually asking at a local restaurant, we checked out Santa Barbara County Limousines. After calling them and a couple of other more expensive alternatives, we went for the best rated – and surprisingly also the cheapest one, – that we could fid. We also knew that we wanted a larger vehicles than a standard stretch, and some of the services apparently did not offer party bus services. While some were expensive, we liked that this particular company also offered a price match guarantee, which none of the other Santa Barbara limo service companies seemed to do. Early Saturday morning the chauffeur had arrived – fifteen minutes before time – which was actually kind of nice, as we were a bit worried with the traffic, accountability, etc. We wanted the day to be perfect. And that is really what it was. Firstly, we went for our first tasting at the Bridlewood Winery Estate. And this place was magnificent!!! Prior to the trip we of course knew that California produced more than 90 % of all wines in the country, but we always thought this was more true of Northern California. While touring the vineyards though, we actually both agreed – it was in fact NICER than the vineyards of Sonoma- and Napa Valleys. We were totally taken back by the natural beauty of these rolling hills, greenery, and vineyards as far as the eye could see.

Bridlewood: Oak trees and gorgeous nature


At Bridlewood Estate

When driving up the rather long driveway leading to Bridlewood Winery, we thought at first this gorgeous structure looked like a mission. After hearing its history be were even more baffled. It was once an Arabian equestrian ranch, and was bought by its current owner complete with everything from racetracks to ponds and animals. The tasting rooms were cozy and large, and we preferred sitting outside as it was a sunny day to take in the gorgeous surroundings. The more than 100 acre property is filled with vineyards, rose gardens, ponds, old oak trees and beautiful greenery. We brought some groceries, found a place by ourselves under the oak trees, and picnicked and drank wines like teenagers in love. It was a beautiful moment: 75 and sunny, surrounded by Spanish architecture and great wines, and best of all, with my husband all to myself. Before we jumped in the waiting party bus and took off for our next destination, we checked out their gift shop and stacked up on some of our favorite varietals.

Firestone: Flagship winery of the Santa Ynez Valley

When leaving Bridlewood’s long driveway in our luxurious bus, we were certain that this must be the most beautiful among the wineries in the region. On what was supposed to be a fifteen minute drive to the Firestone, we could just pass Los Olivos after having seen it from the road. This quint, tiny village/town had an awesome little walkable road with numerous cafes, artist galleries, and of course, tasting venues. We decided for a bite at Los Olivos Merchant Cafe, which was fabulous. After buying a few souvenirs at Los Olivos General Store, we were ready to continue our Santa Ynez wine tour experience. Firestone winery we quickly learned was the first winery in the valley. Founded in 1972 by the Firestone family, their vineyards have more or less become an icon for tasting in SB County. Covering vineyards on an area larger than 500 acres, Firestone MUST be the nicest winery in the valley! It’s huge winery nestled in between the oak trees made the perfect end to touring the vineyards. With the view from the island bar overlooking the never-ending vineyards, with a great wine in my hand watching the sun go down over the hills, our touring was over and we got a Carpinteria limousine to take us back to coast.

My conclusion is, if you like (aka love) wines, go for some great touring of the vineyards in Southern California! It’s an experience of a lifetime. If you are thinking about visiting these vineyards, a great tip is to check out the movie Sideways from 2004, which depicts for example the local cafe we visited in Los Olivos and several wineries and vineyards, including Firestone. See you next time, SB!

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Santa Barbara Experience For Life